Information Regarding Tax Incentives for Food Donors

The Resources below provide some useful information regarding the federal tax incentives available to farmers who donate food; however, we advise all food donors to seek independent tax and legal advice, especially since federal tax laws have changed since these publications were produced.

Tax Deduction for Food Donation: a legal guide (2016)

Enhanced Tax Deduction Guide for Farmers (2016)

Federal tax deduction fact sheet for farmers from NRDC (2016)

Information for Volunteers

Below is a link to the volunteer agreement and waiver form, as well as links to other items of interest for gleaners and gardeners alike, as well as our list of recipient organizations that receive Willing Hands food.

Willing Hands Volunteer Waiver of Liability

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Gleaning resources and articles of interest:

Economist article "The Return of Gleaning in the Modern World" (Dec. 2018)

"Food Loss in Vermont" Salvation Farms' Analysis (2016)

Gardening resources and articles of interest:

Bionutrient Food Association

Where Willing Hands food goes:

Willing Hands Recipients