Gleans and Other Volunteer Opportunities

Before signing up for an event, please be sure that you and each person signing up has registered previously by completing the form on the Volunteer page. If you have already registered you do not have to do so again. Each adult must sign up separately for events (shown below).

To sign up for an opportunity, click on the 'Sign up for this event' button. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with the exact address and detailed information about the event. This email will come from with the subject line: "Willing Hands roster status". If the roster is full, your name will be added to a waiting list and you will receive an email if anyone ahead of you cancels their spot.

Move the mouse over events listed on the calendar to see details and a sign up link below the calendar. Green opportunities have roster openings left; yellow ones have a waiting list. Thank you for joining us!

There are no gleans currently available for signing up. If you have heard of a glean through email, Facebook or your neighbor, but you do not see it listed here, it means that the roster is closed.


Year Pounds of local food harvested by volunteers and delivered to our neighbors in need
2021 7,759
2020 80,175
2019 79,731
2018 97,248
2017 74,823