Grow a Row

Did you know 1 in 10 people* in the Upper Valley have unreliable access to healthy food?

*In spring of 2020, a study by UVM found that during the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic, food insecurity in Vermont rose by 33% and that nearly 1 in 4 people were struggling to get enough healthy food.

As you plan your garden, consider planting extra veggies for your neighbors in need!

How to Grow-a-row for Willing Hands:

1.) Plant an extra row or an additional few vegetable plants in your garden and donate the extra produce harvest:

Suggested crops include Beets, Carrots, Cabbages, Onions, Peppers and Winter Squash. These are popular with our recipients and stay fresh longer than other highly-perishable crops. But we will accept any vegetables!!

2.) At harvest time, bring your clean fresh-picked produce to:

Willing Hands, 198 Church Street, Norwich, VT. Click here for map.

Cooler at Willing Hands for produce donation

(Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-3pm or by special arrangement.  We have a cooler by the front door that we check frequently, and donated produce can be placed there during self-service drop off.  We do ask that you please try to avoid leaving produce in the cooler late on Friday or over the weekend – we all want it to stay fresh and not sit too long!)

3.) Leave the produce at Willing Hands, ideally between 8am-3pm Monday-Friday, and give us your contact information (there will be a form at the donation spot, or you can download a form and fill it out at home to attach to your donation), so we can thank you for your “Grow a Row” contribution!

Form to record your donated produce

Feel proud that your fresh food will go out on our delivery truck to help nourish neighbors in need through our 60+ partner organizations (see the list of recipients here).  Thank you!

Can you help spread the word? Click here for a PDF download of our “grow-a-row” flyer to post or share with friends with gardens!


Questions?  Contact us at (802) 698-0265 or