2016-2017 Individual Supporters of Willing Hands

Individual Donors

Willing Hands is grateful to the many individuals whose generosity makes our work possible.

Anonymous (10)

Anonymous Dedicated to Brett Wannter

Anonymous Dedicated to Susan Voake

Anna Sykas Dedicated to Jason and Kathryn

Jay and Deb Van Arman in honor of our beloved neighbor and friend Betsy Sylvester

Lorry and Marc Kenton In memory of Dwight Lahr

Bob and Anita Norman  In memory of Dwight Lahr

Suzanne Lovell In memory of Sally Josler and in Honor of her sons Bill, Wayne, Doug, and Scott

Patricia Appleton

Peter Hoyle Armstrong

Gert and Jan Assmus

Brian Lombardo and Tracy Bach

Sharry Baker and David Merker

Bronwen Ballou

Sarah Barnes

Donald and Christine Bartlett

Cinny and Steve Benson

Norm Berman

James and Judith Bernat

Roberta Berner and Richard Abel

Marc Bertrand and Sharon Ikeda

Jo and Rick Biddle

Harry and Carolyn Bird

Bill and Cynthia Bittinger

Peter Blodget

Stuart Blood and Li Shen

Sally Bower

Sargent Bradley Jr

Chris Brady and Lisa Close

Margaret Bragg

Dan Brand

Ann and Bill Brine

Frances Brokaw

Charlotte Broughton

Sarah and Michael Burke

Len and Mary Ann Cadwallader

John and Nan Carroll

Deborah and Peter Carter

Brian Catlin

Jonathan and Kathryn Chaffee

Nancy and David Charkes

Mary and Raymond Chin

Robert Christie

Stuart Close and Kristin Brown

Karen and Erik Colberg

Tom and Andrea Colgan

Daniel and Joan Collison

Jeanette Cook

Alan and Janice Cook

Anne Cook

Stephen Corrigan and Douglas Jackman

Fred and Sophia Crawford

Daniel Crook and Carla Sandstrom

Judith Cross

Mary Cunningham

Tom and Mimi Curphey

Karen Currier

Lawrence and Linda Dacey

Jere and Elena Daniell

Jane and John Degange

RE Demers and Donna Foote

Jed Dickinson and Julie Derksen

Debra Diegoli

Gail Dimick

Mary and Robert Donin

Bonnie  Dore

Frank Easton

Katharine Eaton

Amy and Tom Eberhardt

Bea and Tony Edgar

Christine Eickelman

Jessie and Eric Eisendrath

Polly Ellerbe

Rogers Elliott

Jonathan and Corinne Fenton

Allyn Field

Jane Finley and Charles Lindner

Portia Fitzhugh

Phyllis Fox

Jeryl and Patricia Frankenfield

George and Susan Fraser

Andy and Katie Friedland

Carolyn and Milt Frye

Joy and Edward Gaine

Susan Gault

Bill and Kathleen Geraghty

Barbara Gibbs

David Gibson

Patricia Glowa and Donald Kollisch

Leah Goat

Mary Gorman

Franklin and Polly Gould

Thomas and Linda Gray

William and Kathy Green

Bob and Jane Greenberg

Bob Hagen

Priscilla and John Hall


Thomas and Barbara Hall

Marion Hampton

Susan Hardy

Jim Harms

Ramon and Anne Hart

Connie  Harvey

Judy Harvey

Charlotte Harvey and Craig King

Susan Hastings

ME Heck and AK Reinhart

James Heffernan

Don and Jane Helms

Betty Heston

Ted Hilles and Jane Osgood

Elizabeth Hoffmeister and Robert Sweitzer

Harry Holland

Becky Hooper Holland and Joe Holland

Peter and Kim Holzberger

Henry Homeyer

Roberta Howard

Birgit Humpert and Thomas Gessner

Cynthia Huntington

Joseph Hutchinson and Patricia Anklam

Ann and Jim James

Patricia and Glenn Johnson

Corlan Johnson

Kristine Karlson and David Stiger

Jim and Elaine Kearns

Chris Kellogg and Christie Bailey-Kellogg

Joan Kidder

Sue Kirincich and Chuck Wooster

Kathy Kirkland

Sara and Ron Kobylenski

Jane and Kenneth Korey

Amos Kornfield

Linda Kotsaftis and Mark Harden

Daniel and Rosemary Kramer

Alfred Kramer

Tom and Aggie Kurtz

John and Claudia Lamperti

Nancy Larowe

Mariah and Lee Lawrence

Mary Layton

Marc Lefebvre

Dianne and Gary Levine

Mimi and Jason Lichtenstein

George and Dominique Lightbody

Nancy Limbaugh

Stephen Liu

Frank and Drewry Logan

Daniel Longnecker

Dorothy and Martin Lubin

Suzanne Lyons

Joseph Lyons and Marie Van Deusen

Hugh Macarthur and Rhea McKay

Margot and Steve Maddock

James and Mary Magnell

John and Kathyn Manchester

Paul and Wendy Manganiello

Allen and Bonnie Reid Martin

Peter and Lucretia Martin

Robert Maue and Leslie Henderson

Donald May

Luanne Mayo

Nancy McCann and Steven Lehman

Jim McCracken

Pat McGovern

Bruce and Susan McLaughry

Rae and Richard Melloh

John Mellquist and Zsuzsanna Mitro

Peg and Ed Merrens

Rob and Nini Meyer

Judith and Norman Miller

Katherine Milligan and Theodore Macveagh

Ashley and Peter Milliken

Margaret and William Montgomery

Charles and Janet Moran

Robert and Shelly Moses

Dr. GH and Barbara Mudge

Giavanna Munafo

Claire and Allan Munck

Harthon Munson

Eugene and Candace Nattie

Ruth Nelson

David and Catharine Newbury

Williams Nisen

Joyce and Walter Noll

Robert and Anita Norman

Theresa Oden

Laurelae Oehler

Ardis Olsen

Rosita Olson

Sue Ordinetz and John Copoulos

Marilyn Paganucci

Beatriz  Pastor

Barbara Payson

Anne Pearson

Jose and Marcia Peraza

John Peterson

Peter Phippen

John and Jane Phipps

Patty Piotrowski


Win and Mundy Piper

Avery Post

Patricia Ryan Prem

Anah Pytte

John Quimby

Marcus Ratliff

Claudia Reeder

Dave and Sarah Reeves

Bonnie Reid Martin

Douglas and Berna Rexford

Kim Rheinlander and Erling Heisted

Lise and John Richardson

Leslie and Chris Rimmer

Andrew Rowles

Mary and Terry Ryan/Appleby

Erin Marotti Salcone

Fred and Mary Ann Salvatoriello

Mr and Mrs B Francis Saul

Mary Schneider

Erica Schoenberg

Rob Seelig and KJ Dell’Antonia

Anne Segal

Rebecca Seibel and Martin Frank

Ann Seibert

Suzanne Serat

Lynn Sheldon and Daniel Hudnut

Kathleen and John Shepherd

Sarah Shipton

Connie and Jack Skewes

David and Gail Smith

Martia Smith

Kathleen and Robert Snyder

Bob and Kathy Snyder

Lisa Solbert-Sheldon

Linda Specht

Christine and Stephen Spring

John and Margaret Stephens

John and Jane Stephenson

Ruth and Andrew Stephenson

Barbara and Dennis Stern

James and Margaret Strickler

Skip and Marilyn Sturman

Kevin Swanson and Alice Stewart

Peter and Cynthia Swart

Rand Swenson

Shelia Swett

John and Lucy Farnsworth Taylor

Nancy Tehan

Lynn and George Tidman

Tim and Phebe McCosker

Mary Tinkham

Jean Clark and Charles Townsend

Heinz and Ingeborg Trebitz

Bobbi Trombley

Jean Ulman

Mary Hunter Utt

Susan and Mark Valence

Keith Van Winkle

Samuel and Myrna Velez

Pat Vlamyck

John Vogel and Judith Music

Laurie Wadsworth

Graham and Suzanne Wallis

William and Kathleen Waste

Mary and Bernie Waugh

Kevin and Beth Weinman

Philip and Barbara Weinstein

Laureen and Charles Welch

Gilbert Welch and Linda Doss

Alice Werbel

Judith Wetherell

Derrick Wetherell

Ian Wetherell

Sharon Wight

Lynn and Bill Wiley

Judith Williams and Robert Shumski

Genevieve Williamson

Kathleen Wohlfort and Matthew Stevens

Elizabeth and John Wolfe

Joel and Theresa Wood

Mary Woodrow

James and Susan Wright

Arthur and Jeanne Young

Dr. William and Sarah Young

Lynn Zeltman

Dean and Martha Zoerheide

Hayley and Gabe Zoerheide

Eleanor Zue